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Tell us about working at Roberto's?
Your working experience ?
"I love my job! It's also a great place to work while going to school. Good money." Allyson B.
"I love working at Roberto's, its like a family and lots of fun." Liz C.
" I love my job. Greatest job I've had... ever!" Ashley H.
The drive to work?
"Perfect from LSU. Never any traffic and only 10 min. from campus." Clara H.
"25 minutes from Mid City." Liz. C.
"Absolutely love my co-workers.  We don't have a high turnover rate which says a lot."
Liz C.
"They are very welcoming and willing to help you out any time." Clara H.
The food?
"The food it's great.  It's always made fresh by me and my boys." Brandon T.
"Excellent" Karen H.
"OMG good." Clara H.
"Great clientèle. Very good/consistent tipper."  Karen H.
"Genuinely friendly, nice people; easy going." Allyson B.
Advice to applicants?
"Be a team player and you'll love it here."  Karen H.
"Relax, because everyone else is."  Clara H.



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